Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Frankenbike 50 is nearly upon us!

Sunday is our first event - the Frankenbike 50. I've been wrenching away madly on an old road bike that was going to be for Jovid but instead, he's riding my main steed and I'll the get old Concours. We've been trying to get training time in, too, but... ah well, with a field-service job and family, it doesn't always go the way we'd like. Also, we call the Frankenbike 50 an event rather than a race because while some people will be contesting for a win, for many others it will be an accomplishment just to complete the ride.

Why is that?

From the Cap City Cross website:
Date: Sunday, September 5th 2010
Location: Stoney Creek Rd. Scioto Trails State Park Start area is at the forest office/maintance area.
Time: HIGH NOON (12...)

Cost: We just ask for a small donation of $2-10 to cover map and sign costs.
What is it?
The FrankenBike50 (or FB50) is a bike tour or race depending on who you ask. It's meant to to be a fun test of your overall abilities. It will be about 50% dirt/gravel forest roads, 30% paved road and 20% singletrack. It will have some great climbing, fun downhills and beautiful views of southern Ohio. It will have technical sections, flat boring road sections, long hills, a hike a bike, and it will probably hurt a little.
Where is it?
In and around the Scioto Trails State park and forest. About an hour south of Columbus, Ohio.
Is it a cross race? A mountain bike race? A road race? What the heck?
None of the above really. It's a 'franken bike' ride. It's a little bit cross bike friendly, a little bit mountain bike friendly and a little bit road friendly. Frankenbike/Monster Cross, something like that. Maybe a rigid mountain bike, maybe a cross bike with fatter tires and a lower gear.
Can you ride any of the above bikes?
Heck yeah, there's no rules except don't cheat, play dirty or cut the course.
Yeah, about 50 miles give or take. Expect a long day. We'll have some drinks and checkpoints all around the course. It's going to be epic (at least we hope.)
How's the course?

The course will be kept secret until race day. When you sign up, you'll get a map and a checkpoint card. You'll need to compete all checkpoints in the correct order to finish the ride (and stay on course - we'll have spys no wise stuff!). The course will be marked with signs but not closed so be careful! and bring your climbing gears.
Climbing Gears?
Yeah! Believe it or not there's some great hills in Scioto Trails state forest and we've worked hard to try to find them all. I (andy) can climb them all with no problem in a 32x32. JD likes to ride a 34x32 and Mason is rocking the single speed 39x17. We all agree there's some tough climbing and have all had to dismount on a few sections.
What goes up goes down?
The downhills are great. We have a few on dirt/gravel roads and a few on singletrack. One is pretty technical but most are easily do-able on a cross bike and all are great fun. Most of the trails aren't very technical but sometimes the horses destroy small sections of the trail which makes it VERY bumpy for a few yards. But in general the trails have been smooth and crossbike friendly.
What class should I ride in?
Class? What you thinkin? this is some stinkin road race? No classes. Mass start. One winner, one prize. Do it for the fun, do it for the adventure, not to win some stupid 'class'.

So, as you can see, there's goig to be a great bit of oxygen-deprivation fun to be had. Woo-hoo! We'll be there, but our Wounded Warrior Project jerseys haven't arrived yet so look for the guys off the back (I'll actually be riding as "sweep/first-aid first responder"). Jovid will have the black bike with green wheels and bar tape, mine is the old bike in black with red highlights. 
But while we are out there, don't forget why we are doing this. Please donate to the Wounded Warrior Project! Thank you.

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