Thursday, September 16, 2010

Join the team!

We have the technology... we can make it bigger... better... make cool sounds when going in slow motion to emphasize super-human feats...  What's not extra-cool about that?

How? By getting more people to join our team - Riding with my Son.

What does that mean? Do I get a cool jersey like ours?  What it means is you've decided to help raise funds for the Wounded Warrior Project, or just decided to make a contribution yourself. As for the jersey, I can direct you to where we got them, but you have to purchase that on your own.

How do I do that?  You can go to our fundraising page and  click on "My team page". At the top is a link that says "Join Our Team". Click that and sign on. Or you could just email me - jdkimple (at) yahoo (dot) com (you know what to do here) and I'll get you signed up.

What are the requirements? Besides the fundraising for WWP, I'm going to require just one thing: You take the time to go out for a leisurely ride with your son or daughter, sibling, go for a walk with your neighbor, sit on the back porch with your Mom or Dad. Share some relaxing stress-free time with someone. Part of why this is called "Riding with my Son" is because one of the very last father-son times I got with James was home on leave was to go for a long leisurely bike ride with him. Part is because our son Jovid is racing with me and I get to have some time with him free of the other stresses.

Why? "Why not?" is the bigger question, I think. you get to be part of  a group of people who've decided that helping out wounded veterans is a pretty important thing.

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