Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Who's your inspiration?

From large projects to small, seemingly inconsequential decisions, we are at times inspired by someone or something. Perhaps it's your faith or belief system. These "inspiration factors" can take on big or small roles in our lives and sometime differing roles at differing times. For now I'd like to touch on people who've had an influence in my life. I certainly can't touch on them all but here's a brief highlight.

My father is a big inspiration, which is probably obvious to anyone who knows us. He has a great sense of humor but is very engaged and thoughtful at times. Whenever he takes on a project he is very meticulous. Sometimes we kid him on the amount of time it takes him to complete a model or other project but you can be assured that he has paid much more time and attention to all the small details. Details that no one else would seven see, let alone notice. But he know if he is going to do something that he is going to do it right.

My grandparents have inspired me to be kind, helpful and generous to those you don't know. Being kind to others not only helps you maintain a better keel, but you never know when you may see them again.

My bride, of course. Through the good and the bad that goes with staying with someone for more than 20 years she's managed to open my eyes on more than one occasion. Had it not been for her I can say I would not have considered becoming an EMT or Firefighter, for example.

Our sons at times inspire me. At times they have a different way of looking at things as well as a great sense of humor (perhaps there's a trend here?). Besides, at times they ask me some simple questions that I had never considered and it makes me take a moment and rethink things.

When it comes to bike-related activity, Kent Peterson is one person who really motivates me. When he first tackled the Great Divide mountain bike race in 2005(?) and wrote about it, I read that story to by boys at night for a few nights. (Read the story yourself here). It prompted me to get off my butt and start doing something. I haven't, and probably won't do anything as grand as Kent has but it makes me think and gets me doing.

After we lost James the Lima Company Marines and the Leathernecks Nation really stepped up and showed us what being a Marine is about. Without hesitation (and sometimes without even being asked) they will and have helped us however they could. Their actions and manner of taking care of their own has really made an impression on me and has me striving to act in the same manner.

Of course, there is our son, Lcpl. James Kimple. On his second tour of Iraq he didn't want to just work in Logistics. He was certain that he needed to look out for his fellow Marines. That is why he volunteered to work security patrol for that tour. Which leads us to why we are raising money for the Wounded Warrior Project. James felt it very important to look out for his brothers and sisters, and so we are inspired to do the same.

Some of the soldiers that have been helped by the Wounded Warrior Project are tremendous inspirations. For example, just watch this video clip here or this one. These soldiers have lost their limbs and yet continue to do some amazing things.

So what inspires you? Hopefully, we can inspire you to give to the Wounded Warrior Project. Please do so here. Thank you.

Who or what has inspired you? Hopefully


  1. Like you, my list is long and varied. The most inspirational folks in my life are those who just keep getting up and walking through their days no matter what's going on around them. Sometimes, getting up is the hardest thing to do.

  2. Well, you, for one. Our lives aren't easy, obstacles face us at every corner, and yet you keep getting up, starting over, striving for more, trying to make this a better world for your boys, staying connected to your bride, and offering the best of yourself.
    Ryan inspires me. He's had it very rough and yet he also never gives up. And you men have something in common; as strong as you are, you both take help (sometimes begrudgingly) to make it to a better place. You reach out to humanity and, even when humanity slaps you in the face, you pick yourself up, put a smile on your face, and reach out again. You surround yourself with loved ones, work hard (too damn hard) and still try to make the world a better place! We need more men like you and I am proud to know you both!!

  3. As you probably know, Chief187 is my inspiration. Great blog, JD.

  4. My parents and older brother inspired me the most growing up. But as I've gone through life, many people that I have met along the way have inspired me in other ways. I am a people-watcher and I learn alot from others and am always open to learning new things. I get inspiration from so many source - friends, family, Internet, nature...