Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The secret third team member

I've been posting about the two public faces of our "project/adventure/fund-raising campaign" (Jovid and myself) but there is of course a less-public but still hard-working and deserving third team member. I, of course, am refering to my wife, Catie.

She does help quite a bit with us getting ready for races. At the Frankenbike 50 she even got water, worked checkpoints and was a course marshall. Catie is very helpful in bouncing ideas off of & helping work through different aspects. Most of all, she puts up with us and she's awfully nice to look at. See for yourself:

Catie, not at one of the races.

So thank you to my bride for all the help, support, words of encouragement and putting up with us.

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  1. Behind every successful man is a good woman kicking his butt to keep on going. Or did I get that wrong?