Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The simple kindness of strangers

On Sunday my beautiful bride and I went to dinner at that icon of all foods good, Golden Buffet. While picking and poking my way through the various lines I heard someone say "Is what your shirt says true?" I stopped, but wasn't sure that whoever was asking, was talking to me. So this gentleman approached me and said "Is what your shirt says true?" I wasn't thinking when I put my t-shirt on, but I was wearing my shirt that says "My Son is a Marine." So I turned to the gentleman and said "Yes sir, it is." He then said something like "Tell him 'thank you' from us." 

Well, I had to be straight with him. I said "I can't really do that. He was killed in action two years ago." Of course, he could see my eyes well up a bit. Two years later and I still have difficulty talking about James sometimes. Sorry, I just do. This gentleman went to put his hand on my shoulder and then he just hugged me. He didn't think about what the other people around in this public (very busy) restaurant would think, he didn't know how I would react, he just gave me a hug. Then he said "We are still proud and thankful for him," or something similar. So I replied with a "Thank you".

It was a simple gesture but honestly, that made my week. Thank you, who ever you are.

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  1. Wow. There are still wonderful human beings in this world. Thank you for this, J.D. And, definitely, tell your son James thank you from all of us!