Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The first event - the Frankenbike 50!

For our first event, we’ll be attending the Frankenbike 50 on the 5th of September. Now that I say it, it sounds sort of ominous. But, what exactly is the Frankenbike 50? From the Cap City website, “The FrankenBike50 (or FB50) is a bike tour or race depending on who you ask. It's meant to to be a fun test of your overall abilities. It will be about 50% dirt/gravel forest roads, 30% paved road and 20% singletrack. It will have some great climbing, fun downhills and beautiful views of southern Ohio. It will have technical sections, flat boring road sections, long hills, a hike a bike, and it will probably hurt a little.”  What that means is, if you like the idea of an “epic adventure” than this is the ticket. If you think you’d look good in black & white in a Rapha catalog, here’s your in.

Having had the “pleasure” of pre-riding some of the course with Andy and Mason (Cap City Cross organizers) I can tell you that it will be a leg-cramping, lung-burning, lunch-launching good time. That is, if you consider pushing your woefully out-of-shape body to the extreme, then launching said body over the ledge and continuing on anyway despite the fact that your head is spinning so hard you can’t see straight a good time.

Well... I do, so I will. Jovid, well, he’ll ride along and look at me like my tendons have been exchanged for very loose rubber bands and say something like “What’s the matter old man?”  I won't have enough breath to answer "We've got 40 more to go!"

"Whoa, sounds like a great time! Can I join in the frivolity? Where's it at?"
In and around the Scioto Trails State park and forest. About an hour south of Columbus, Ohio.

"Um, yeah, don't think I'm quite in the mood to ride that..."
Not a problem. In that case, we'll do the suffering for you! All you need to do is donate (at any time!) to the Wounded Warrior Project. After all, that's what this is all about.

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