Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Race #1 completed, and the results are...

We're not awful! Woo-hoo! And we both finished! Yeah!

Jovid actually did well for his first race EVER and for not getting to ride very much. He wasn't last so there's that small comfort. But add to that that this was a very challenging course with lots of off-camber descents and climbing in the grass, a couple of good hills that would wear you down after a few laps. Jovid also did a great job negotiating the barriers and the run-ups.

I did OK - 17th  (I think) out of more than 40 in our class. So better than halfway. But there's a lot of room for improvement. What little time I do get on the bike I'm going to have to work on speed. Which means probably intervals - oh, joy. But as long as it yields results then I guess that's what I need to do.

Catie was fantastic. She jumped right in and helped out where she could with getting riders registered, helped tear down the course at the end of the day and did what she could for us before and after our race. The day would have been longer and much more difficult without her. So, a big Thank You to my bride.

Mechanical-wise all went well. The Green Monster worked flawlessly for Jovid and the New Guy worked pretty well for me. I sure appreciated a lighter bike on the run-up!

The competitors were great. When someone passed you they were pretty cool about it  and if you passed someone, they usually said something like "Good job on the barriers" or some such. I think that's a product of the type of races Cap City Cross puts on - not so big that it's all cut-throat racing, and just the general attitude they put forth.

The course was a lot of fun. Some flowing sections on the front half, lots of off-camber climbing and descending. The run-up wasn't too punishing. Nice steep hill to grind up on the back half. Fast spots on the pavement, just to get right back off and negotiate some hairpins in the wet grass. It was a course that really switched it up on you, kept you on your toes. Big Run park proved to be probably one of the most fan-friendly sites I've seen. If you stood at the top of the Soap Box Derby hill by the finish line you could see pretty much the whole course. Jeni's Ice Cream was out, and the Trek store was giving away Frites! But the blowing wind bringing in the cold and spitting rain kept some spectators away I think. Ah, too bad.

When it comes to the fund raising for Wounded Warrior Project we're at the top of the hill looking around. We're slowly but surely getting closer to our goal but there's a long way to go. For everyone who's helped us get this far, THANK YOU! As for the rest, we are asking if you can help out in any little way. You can donate HERE very securely online. The money goes straight to the Wounded Warrior Project, we don't see it. It just gets credited to our goal. If you would rather donate the old-fashioned way, please feel free to do that as well. If it's a check or money order, make it out to Wounded Warrior Project and send it to:
J.D. Kimple
PO Box 222
Carroll, OH  43112

Just like we think Cap City Cross puts on a great racing series, we think that Wounded Warrior Project does some amazing work for our returning soldiers, warriors, airmen and seamen. We hope you think so, too.

Thanks for reading.

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