Saturday, October 16, 2010

Let the pain begin! Getting ready for Cap City Cross race #2

First off, I need to thank the four people that took me up on my challenge. They saw the value in contributing to the Wounded Warrior Project, and they probably really wanted to watch me make a fool of myself once I hit the stage of oxygen deprivation that renders hallucinations or unconsciousness. Or both. Jovid, to his credit, decided to make no such challenge. So he may be carrying my limp, noodle-like body to the car after the second race. Good think Catie is driving. Hope she remembers some of her CPR. 

But that said, we are excited to be racing tomorrow. It's race #2 on the Cap City Cross schedule. This is a whole new venue - Coffman Park in Dublin, OH. Lots of cool things going on here: There will be a beginner's race at 2pm. So if you have never raced cyclocross before but have thought about it this is a great chance. You'd hit the starting line with Dublin City Council member John Reiner. Also, there will be a clinic for all beginners at 11:30. Not to mention Rad Dog hot dogs, Jeni's Ice Cream and a very spectator-friendly venue. Top it off with what looks to be outstanding weather and I'm thinking, how can you NOT have a good time?

We'll see you there. Thanks to everyone who's contributed to the Wounded Warrior Project so far. You guys are awesome. Thanks for reading.

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  1. Hope you're having a blast today. There will be oxygen at the end, right? Personally, I like mine with a touch of nitrous but with all those endorphins flying around that might be overkill.