Monday, October 25, 2010

Grog talks about bicycle racing

Some of you may know of Grog. For those who don't, grog is my inner caveman. Or alternate personality. Or part of my sadly delusional failing mind. Take your pick. But now that we are back in town, I thought it best to let Grog talk.

Grog like bicycles. He go lots of places on bikes. Grog sometimes go for faraway rides. Grog sometimes ride in circles. Grog gets grumpy if Grog no ride for several days. Grog not know why. Just is.

Grog likes racing cyclocross. Grog think it a good excuse to play in dirt like he 7 years old again. Grog think whoever dream up idea of cyclocross racing must have been really drunk. But Grog like it anyway.

Until Grog get halfway through race. Then Grog think he crazy. Going so fast he can't breathe is no way for Grog to live. Grog get ready to say hell with it all. Grog think he crazy to do this. Grog wonder what he thinking, then Grog remember that Grog don't think.

But Grog keep going. Grog no like to be quitter. Grog think "Die first, THEN quit." Grog finish race and feel tired. Very tired. But good. Grog feel alive.

Grog not know what he can do until Grog try. Grog not do any better unless Grog keep trying. So Grog keep trying.

Grog be back. Maybe you see Grog at next race? It on Halloween. Maybe if Grog get new person to contribute. Grog like that, too.

Grog thank you for reading.


  1. Grog has pushed me over! I adore him!! Getting credit card out TODAY. We can't afford much right now, but something is better than nothing...

  2. Grog say "Thank you nice lady!"

  3. Alright! Chief is giving. This means she gets to choose your costume for the race, right? Grog, please remind JD of his promise.

  4. Cheryl right. Chief gets to pick Grog's costume.
    And Grog187 rocks!

  5. I'm not acquainted with Grog187...

    I pick a U.S. Marshall from the Old West (like Wyatt Earp)!

    What do you say?!

  6. @Chief: We'll discuss Grog187 later...