Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Head down, full speed ahead! OR, "We're not dead yet!"

After re-inserting my lungs I'll try to recap the last race of the Cap City Cross series out at Coffman Park in Dublin, OH. It was a great course - another coup for the Cap City Cross guys. Although the course was mostly flat, they did manage to find some short climbs, winding off-camber work and the only two places in the entire park there was a mud, they found and had us ride through it. Yee-haw! Very few places to rest.

There was a great turn out, too. Not just racers, but spectators. While the weather was much better for spectators than racers (70 degrees F and sunny)  the racing was still great. I tried to change tactics in the C race, starting up front instead of near the back. Which worked great! For the first 40 yards or so. Then we got off the pavement to the grass and I quickly slipped backwards. Dang. But I didn't lay down and let myself get run over. I keep imagining those patches some of the Leathernecks we hang out with have on their vest that say "Die first, then quit." Which is a bit crass, perhaps, but a race is not really a time for eloquent speech. So as a mantra it works for me. Really poured it on and a bit better results this week - just missed the top ten. But I didn't leave anything on the table. Holy Wa did I need oxygen at the end of the race.  Lesson #1: I have to work on speed. Oxygen tank optional.

And as several people took up my challenge I raced the B race, too. My first ever stab at the Bs, and my fourth race ever. Yes, I got passed but I actually passed some as well. After three laps of clawing my way up to Zach, only to have him gap me in the off-camber stuff I finally got by him (he got the better of me in the C race). Zach was one of many awesome people I raced with. It was good to follow him through some sections to see where he was getting me. Lesson #2: Follow the mountain bike guys through the turns & LAY OFF THE BRAKES.

But I digress... I did OK. Actually, much better than I thought. A 9th out of 12 in the B 35+ age group. Given that I don't get much time to train and haven't raced the Bs ever I feel like I did pretty good.

My bride Catie was right in that I actually can race with the B group. Probably not contending for the lead next race but I wasn't DFL. The people who took up the challenge I threw out there last week, thank you. Thanks for forcing my hand to race Bs and thanks immensely for contributing to the Wounded Warrior Project.

Next race is Halloween! So, what should be the next challenge? Perhaps the person who has NOT yet donated to Wounded Warrior Project gets to say what costume I'll race in? Stay tuned, this may get ugly...

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  1. Racing in costume? Catie needs to take pictures of that. Fine job in both. Didn't see Zach's name in one of those races. Gotta go look at the spreadsheet again.