Sunday, October 10, 2010

Picking up sponsorship, picking up steam

I'd like to first off give a big "Thank You" to Road I.D. for lending a hand. This a big step in getting the ball rolling. Of course we will post pictures of our Road I.D.s when we get them in. We are working with several other sponsor opportunities and hope to be able to bring that to you soon. In the meantime, please check out Road I.D. If you are a cyclist, runner, swimmer, hiker, or just plain spend any time away from home this is a very good idea. If you read the testimonials on their website, it has saved more than one life.

While we are at it, let's save a few more lives. Yes, I am prompting you to contribute to the Wounded Warrior Project, please. For the men and women returning from overseas and their families, the WWP provides some very crucial services. Family Support, Peer Mentoring, Advocacy, Warriors to Work, the WWP Packs for soldiers getting to a hospital and on and on. I think you can see the scope and importance of the Wounded Warrior Project. This is why we've taken on this fundraising task.

Thank you for your contributions. Thank you for reading. Now, it's nice outside, let's get out there.

 - JD


  1. My husband uses these. He's a runner with diabetes. Road ID is great. So glad you've found some sponsorship.

  2. So very happy to read this, J.D.!