Monday, May 13, 2013

Frequently asked questions about the Cold Shower Challenge

Ever since I started this madness (otherwise known as the Cold Shower Challenge) I've been getting bombarded with questions. Well maybe not bombarded. More like a hefty pile of questions. Oh alright, more like a slow trickle... as most people just figure my brain has vacated the premises and don't need to ask any questions. But for those folks who have indeed asked questions, here's the down low (sweet-n-low?) 

Q: Are you nuts?
A: This has been established long ago. Next question.

Q: Why?
A: Why what? 

Q: Why take a cold shower?
A: As I've mention before, the Cold Shower Challenge was brought to my attention by Joel Runyon in his post about 30 Day Cold Shower Therapy. At first I thought it was nuts, too. Actually I still do. But the heart of the matter is that A) You can withstand much more that you think you can, and B) When you need to make a change in your life (start losing weight, quit a crappy job and risk unemployment so that you can pursue something meaningful, et al) sometimes what you need to do to start this change is going to suck. But you need to put up with the discomfort in order to make any real progress. 

Q: So why are you doing it?
A: Because Joel Runyon went on a tear where he was challenging everyone to take up the Cold Shower Therapy. I decided I would take up that challenge IF I could switch it up a bit and use it as a means to raise awareness and money for the Ghost Rider Foundation. The Ghost Rider Foundation is run by some folks who work ceaselessly to help Veterans with PTSD. So I would be the guinea pig if enough people coughed up some dough for the Ghost Rider Foundation.

Q: Did it work? Did people contribute?
A: I'm taking the f-f-f-freezing cold showers, aren't I?

Q: Seriously, are you mad?
A: Did you sleep through the first question?

Q: Do you feel better? 
A: Yes. The minute I get out.

Q: Are you going to talk me into taking cold showers?
A: No. I'm going to talk you into walking your little fingers over to and making a contribution to a damn worthy cause. Look, our Veterans decided to willingly put themselves in harm's way to defend this country. We should be there to help them out when they return.

Q: Are you going to keep taking cold showers when the 30 days are up?
A: If enough folks contribute more money to the Ghost Rider Foundation you guys can watch monkey boy turn blue for another 30 days. But I'm not affiliated with those folks officially so you have to let me know when you've made the commitment. 

Otherwise, it's like this: Man invented hot water heaters for a reason.

Q: Seriously, you have no idea how much people give? People could be giving $5 and you're freezing your butt off all month for $5? 
A: That's $5 more than was in the pot before. Enough people kick in $5 and it starts to add up. 

Feel free to ask any other questions, I'll be over here bundled up with two pair of socks and mittens on... indoors.

Thanks for reading.

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  1. I'm not in favor of you doing this any longer than the original 30 days. I'm ready for the post about your first hot shower on May 31st.