Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Today the neighborhood, tomorrow the World!

Looks like racing season is not quite over. "Really?", you say. Yep. I'm headed down to Louisville tomorrow morning to the UCI Cyclocross Masters World Championships. It's a big name and sounds pretty impressive, doesn't it?

I wish I could say I'd show up and post some impressive results but the reality is I probably won't be top twenty. Not trying to run myself down. I know, I should be more positive with myself and abilities. Self-reinforcing behavior and all that. But I'm trying to be a realist here. I did pretty good in the regular season given how much (or little, really) I got to train. I have been getting after it more in the past two weeks. The motor is there, the skills are coming along, but I didn't spend enough time with the wrench tuning the engine in the prior year.

So why am I doing it? Long answer: At first, good friend and racing nemesis Chris Freter was talking with me about it and said "It's the first time it's been on U.S. soil, it probably won't happen again any time soon. Might as well." Good point. Then we raced the USGP in Louisville and saw about where we stacked up in our age group. Because it cost a fair amount extra to get an International racing license (as opposed to a regular domestic license) and the cost of entry we both figured it wasn't worth the cost to get shelled in the elimination round. And then... and then... I was talking with my father shortly after his surgery and his statement was "Why not?" It is a once-in-a-lifetime event for me (I doubt I'll be flying to Europe even if I do get phenomenally faster) and his thought was there's little reason to not actually race in Worlds. Consulted with several other friends as well and Dad wins out. So packing up our bags and moving to Beverly... er, Louisville. For a short time, that is.

What's the plan? I already said I don't think I'll be top twenty. My smart-aleck answer is "not last". I am hoping to make the top 40  going in to Championship round. That's the main goal for now. If I don't make it, I'll probably be in the consolation round. But top 40 is the goal for now.

Then what? Take a few weeks off. Look at the mountain bike schedule. Probably the Muskingum Mayhem as I did last year. I'd like to hit the Mohican 100 this year. I'd like to do the Pan Ohio Hope Ride with my brother as well. And of course there's the next cyclocross season that I need to start tuning the engine for.

Thanks for reading.

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