Wednesday, January 4, 2012

And the beat goes on

What? Quoting Sonny & Cher? What has gotten in to my little mind?

It (my mind) is probably still a bit frozen over. Yes I ride my bike when it's cold out or when it's snowing. Typically not as long but I still ride.


Because Masters World Championships is coming up. Because I could stand to drop a few pounds. Because I need to get out and ride sometimes.

And because you don't see this from your bedroom window:

And here's the formerly nice bike that's now a single speeder employed to get me out to these parts:

It still needs some tweaking but overall works great. Big thanks to cyclistconnection for building up the rear wheel for me, it's perfect (Paul components flip/flop hub laced to a Velocity Deep V rim). Should stand up to my abuse.

And yes, water bottles don't do so well on the outside of the bike when it's 22 degrees F outside. Doh!

Thanks for reading.

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