Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Race one recap and Introduction to our Charity

All set for the race now.

Our first venture on to the track this year has come to pass and what can I say?
First of all, T.J. Turner and the entire crew that puts on the John Bryan Cyclocross Classic did an awesome job. It was a long course. Mostly flat, but that did not mean it wasn’t challenging. I think when they laid out the course they found every ditch and side of a hill and made a corner on it. And that long drag from the starting line looks mostly flat but with the soggy grass and it’s upwards tilt made your legs hurt (if you were trying, or in better shape than I). Lots of turns, some small sections on pavement or gravel to give you a boost of speed and a couple of nice wooded single track bits. It was fun but not easy.  If that wasn’t enough, The Lionhearts Racing Team was selling hot apple cider and waffles! Waffles and you get to put on the topping of your choice, including Nutella. My wife topped that by putting Nutella and strawberry jam on a waffle. Oooh, that was like chocolate-covered strawberries. Glad I raced first.
Can we get this race started? I've got waffles to go eat!

So how did we do? Well, we aim to not disappoint so I clocked a steady mid-pack placing in the Cat 4 (Beginners, basically) Masters, just behind one of my steady CapCity racing compatriots Duncan Spillman. Crap. I had hoped to actually do better than mid-pack BUT this is a joint effort with OVCX and they draw a LOT of folks out so I can't be too dissapointed. Besides it was a great race with Duncan. He got away from me halfway through lap one and by the beginning of lap four (last lap) I had him in my sights. Right on his tail shortly after that until that long off-camber turn in the wet grass. He got a good line through the turn, I did not. I spent the rest of that lap chasing him down and came close at the finish line sprint but he held me off. Good on you, Duncan. I’ve got work to do.  As for Jovid, he raced for not last! There were two guys behind him and five that pulled out for whatever reason. Which may sound less-than-stellar but considering Jovid hasn’t really ridden the bike much at all. No training, no coaching, he just jumped on the bike at the race and went to town. So actually I’m pleased with his results.
Last lap, Jovid is NOT giving up.

I think the coolest part was once again running into all the friends I made last year racing cyclocross and watching them race. Next race is Big Run Park in Columbus, OH on the 16th of October. We look forward to seeing you out there!
We’ve got a bit of time before the next race, so I want to introduce you to the charity that we are working to raise money for. It is the  Central Ohio Leathernecks Nation Memorial Fund. “What is that?,” you may ask? From their  Mission Statement: The “Central Ohio Leathernecks Nation Memorial Fund” is a non-profit charity set up to support veterans, in honor of our chapter members who have proudly and honorably served our country and passed away. The Memorial Fund is our way of showing all veterans they continue to make a difference and will never be forgotten.
"Saepe Expertus... Semper Fidelis... Frateres Aeterni"
“Often Tested... Always Faithful... Brothers Forever”
How are your donations used?  Funds are used for various projects such as to purchase items for the veterans at the Chillicothe VA hospital that the VA isn’t able to provide for the veterans. We provide support for homeless veterans and other veterans in need. We also make sizeable contributions to larger veteran’s charities such as the Wounded Warrior project that are able to directly aid our veterans in other ways.
There are no administrative fees with this charity either – 100% of contributions go back to the vets that need it. We believe very strongly in this project and hope that you do, too. We look forward to your support.
Thanks for reading.

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