Friday, September 30, 2011

Die first, then quit - Our new motto

Woo-hoo! The season that we've all been waiting for is upon us. Well, the season that *I* have been waiting for, anyway. Sunday starts the first race of the Cap City Cross season at John Bryan State Park (although it's a joint raced with the OVCX series and is their 5th race of the season).

I am anxious to start racing but more than a bit of trepidation as well. Always feel nervous leading up to the race, especially at the starting line. I surely haven't gotten near the riding in that I would have liked to in training or just general fitness. I certainly haven't gotten any faster. And yes I'm afraid I'll get halfway though the race and just get shelled.

But that won't ruin my day. My new motto, thanks to the Central Ohio Leatherneck Nation, is "Die First, then Quit". It's not as new-agey and affirming as "I believe in myself" or "You can do it!" but it works for me. Of course I think "Shut Up, Legs!" is pretty funny and appropriate also.

Even if the legs won't shut up I won't be brought to tears. Because I can't take it that seriously. "What, do you not want to win?" you might be saying? Yes, yes of course I want to win. But if I don't, it's just a bike race in a group with other guys my age with little experience. We've not the top of the heap by any means. Besides, it's just guys in spandex like so much sausage bursting out of its casing, racing bikes.

What am I taking seriously? Helping out our local Veterans in need. As do the Central Ohio Leatherneck Nation. Which is why they started their Memorial Fund. They are trying to help local Veterans, whether they are homeless and need a hand to get back on their feet or if they are at the end of their years and are bedridden in a local V.A. Hospital. Whatever it is, the Central Ohio Leathernecks Nation feels strongly about helping out people who were willing to give their all for their country. As do I. If someone who was willing to lay down their life for their country needs something to help them get by I think it is incumbent upon us to help them.

So yes, we will be collecting donation for the Central Ohio Leathernecks Nation Memorial Fund. Soon I hope we will have a website set up to make it easier and safe to contribute but for the time being, you can flag us down at the race (well, maybe before or after the race) or you can send a check, money order, quarters glued to an armadillo, here:
c/o J.D. Kimple
PO Box 222
Carroll, OH   43112-0222

And be sure that the checks or money orders are addressed to Central Ohio Leathernecks Nation Memorial Fund.

Thanks for reading.


  1. Wish I could be there to giggle with you or at you, whichever happens to come first.

    Are you having trouble finding a "donations" website format out there? If so, holler. I know one that a couple friends have used. My husband was checking into another since he's going to be doing a half-marathon in November & will be raising funds to honor our friend who just died.

  2. Thanks, Cheryl. I'll be talking to you about that.

  3. My favorite mantra for cyclocross is, "I can do anything for 45 minutes."
    Especially helpful for those early-season races when one is really feeling the lack of preparation.
    MY first race is also this weekend, the Cross Crusade opener at Alpenrose. I'll be sure to think good thoughts your way when I toe the start line with my age group tomorrow. Happy riding!