Monday, December 6, 2010

Getting press coverage, getting donations for WWP. yee-haw!

Wow, the past weekend has got me reeling. Can't believe it. Like my fragile ego needs stoked any more, eh? I know, I know. So here it is.

Saturday, 4-December, we made *FRONT PAGE* on the Lancaster Eagle-Gazette. See it here:
Then this morning, as I'm trying to find the legs that left me in the middle of my second race yesterday, I see we made *FRONT PAGE* of the Columbus Dispatch, as seen here:
Holy Wa.
(Special thanks to Ryan Steubenrauch for his expertise and help in getting the story to the Columbus Dispatch.)

And for those who think it makes a difference if it's above or below the fold, well, the story was smack dab in the center both times, putting it both above AND below the fold. Nyah nyah nyah.

But no matter if my goofy face is in the paper or not, what does matter is that we are raising awareness and donations for the Wounded Warrior Project. And what does matter is that yesterday's race was a fundraising activity that the awesome folks at Cap City Cross offered to us. With a smaller-than-usual field of racers, we still brought in $325 in donations for the Wounded Warrior Project. Which is in and of itself has me floored, humbled and grateful.

But we are not giving up yet! We have one more week to accept donations for the WWP. "So where do I go to donate?" I hear people ask. It is easy. Click on the link below or copy and paste it to your browser's address window:
Once you click on the "Donate Here" button, you will be directed to a secure (https://) website, so that your transaction is protected. This donation goes straight to the Wounded Warrior Project, I don't see it. It only gets credited towards the goal that we have.

Recap of the race and more info to come, honest.

And if you wanted to see the face of a monkey deep in the pain cave, here you go:

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Thanks for reading.


  1. I read both articles VERY COOL!!

  2. I loved both articles. Great stuff J.D. Keep on keepin' on. Just one more week then you rest.

  3. Must... >gasp<... keep... >snort< ... going... AARRRGGHH!!!