Sunday, November 7, 2010

Article in Cyclocross Magazine is here!

Wow, never thought I'd see the day. We are getting some national exposure thanks to the fine folks at Cyclocross Magazine. Our article appears HERE.  Why we can get national exposure while all the local outlets seem not so very interested I'll never know. Ah, so it goes.

Have to say, thanks to Ryan Stubenrauch for some of the photos. That totally made the article.

There are still some photos from last weeks race I'd like to post, I just need to talk with said photographer. My fault, totally. And Ryan said he'd keep tabs on future stuff - thank you Ryan!

Very short today, I'm a bit scatter-brained. I need to get out on the bike and use up some of this daylight we've been saving. Alright, let's go!

Thanks for reading.


  1. Hello! I'm that idiot rider wearing the giant afro and rainbow socks and raced with you in the C race at Uncle Steves. I read your article in the cyclocross magazine, and I would love to join the cause. I just started racing this year, but I plan to train for the A races next season. I think the WWP is an amazing cause and would make the races all more amazing and fun. I was just talking to my fiance about trying to get some charity and cyclocross combination going, and then I read your article. I don't expect to be winning any cash prizes, but I can definitely get donations from friends and family for each race. Please let me know!
    Thank you,


  2. Kevin,

    You rock, and kick my butt regularly! Yeah, the A's are where you belong.

    I will be in contact with you. Thank you!!!

  3. Why am I telling a writer what a terrific writer he is? You are an amazing writer, cyclist, father, husband, and friend!
    I've already pledged personally and am actively trying to secure funds from a second source. If everyone who reads your sincere and powerful story would donate SOMETHING then the WWP would benefit enormously!
    You are an inspiration, J.D., and I am terribly proud to call you my friend!