Wednesday, March 13, 2013

You're in the Army now!

Yes, long lay off since my last post. Think of it as a sabbatical. That sounds much more professional than "I was too busy doing other crap". But it all means about the same. So, without further ado, here's today's post:

Since last time I posted I raced at Smith Farms. It wasn't the best race of my life as the week prior to the race I got hit with the flu pretty darn good. Wiped out. I started making improvements on Friday and Saturday but I wasn't in top shape come race day. So it goes. However it did afford me to take second overall in the Masters division of Cap City Cross for the 2012 race season, so HELL YEAH for me. Congrats to Larry Pesyna for winning the series outright and to Jon Clouse who is a heck of a bike rider.

Next was the King's International Cyclocross race at Kingswood in Cincinnati, Ohio. That was fun to do as it was the week before the World Championship races in Louisville, KY. It was a fun course to race. I was surprised that there seemed to be a low racer turnout for this day, but an exceptionally high spectator turn out. Race went well, a few good battles as the race went on and a solid top 10 placing for me. Maybe could have been one place higher but I made a poor choice of gloves at the start of the race and my fingers where getting frostbit pretty bad and I had to stop in the pits for a glove swap. Yeah, I know - who ever heard of that? Well, another lesson learned.

Off to a good start in the Cap City kit (far right)
We hung around and watched all the racing. In Men's Elite race Neils Albert came to the states with his 5 mechanics or whatever and pretty much rode away from the field from the start but not everyone was showing all their cards. This was pretty much a warm up for the World Championships so no need to go all out. On the Women's Elite side Katarina Nash pretty much did the same thing, riding away from her Luna Pro team mate Georgie Gould, who rode away from the rest of the field herself. Some commanding performances and good racing.

The run up at Heckle Hill. Did not take the tequila shot hand up.
So racing is done, finished, kaput for the season. But that just means we'll give it a whack in a road race or two and probably some mountain bike races this spring and summer, all in the name of getting tuned up for the 2013 cyclocross season. Good news is that we've brought two more sponsors on board as well as continuing our relationship with existing sponsors. Crank Brothers and SockGuy will be aiding our efforts and I'll be doing the best to represent these fine folks well.

And now to the big news. Jovid, our middle son that started out racing with me three years ago is now at Army boot camp. My lovely bride and I meet this newest bit with trepidation certainly, as well as pride. We know he will do well and are looking forward to the man that will emerge.

As always, thanks for reading.

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  1. 3 months between posts. That must be some sabbatical. :)