Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The life of a traveling bike riding monkey

First off, if you want to see what all this madness is about, check out the Cap City Cross website. Come out and watch, heckle, jeer, poke fun at or - *gasp* - even race!
We look forward to seeing you out there.

The process of being a bike riding guy who has to travel for his job is one I'm trying to figure out. It means bringing the bike, several sets of bike clothing, some bike tools and such. Some days I work from dawn to dusk and don't always know the roads or trails near where I'm staying. So that means I'm bringing the bike trainer with me, too. (For those that don't know, a bike trainer is sort of like a treadmill for your bike. You're getting the workout in, but you're not going anywhere and it does get pretty boring).

Generally I pull up videos of other cyclocross races on the computer to watch while I'm on the trainer. Reminds me of why I'm on this self-inflicted torture item.

Traveling with all this... stuff had been an adjustment. I generally like to pare it down to the bare minimum of things to take with me. Now I am bringing more and more stuff along. It is certainly a learning process. Trying to figure out what I should be taking with me to stay on track for racing and what I can leave home.

Sometimes I end up on the treadmill, too. So I have to bring running shoes, shorts, shirt for that. I'm certainly not running in my work clothes!

It also usually means washing out my stinky, sweaty clothes by hand. Sure I could bring a weeks worth of stuff and have a huge bag of sweaty clothes baking in my car while I'm driving from place to place. But my car smells bad enough and space in the car is getting to a premium. practice seems to dictate workout in the evening when I can wash my clothes afterward, hand them to dry and hopefully all's good by morning so I can pack up and go. This means sometimes I have to get creative with the clothes-drying arrangements. Sometimes I even end up hanging clothes across my bike in the back of the car in order to allow them to finish drying. Yes, it does look weird to have socks draped across the spokes of a wheel or a jersey hanging from the handlebars. So it goes.

Let's see, what else can I stick in there?...

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  1. Y'know I remember when you started this and pretty much raced with the little training you could do from home & the occasional foray down the gym to the treadmill. I love how this has gotten under your skin; your passion is contagious. I wish I lived a few states closer. I'd be out there with my cowbells in a heartbeat.

    (I was really hoping you'd post a photo with your laundry drying on the bike.)