Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Thank you, father. Thank you, son.

I write this on the anniversary of our son's death (four years ago) and a little over a month since my father has passed.

Dad became quite ill (neuroendocrine cancer) in a short time. Not so sure what to say about it really. All the usual things I'm sure - it sucks. Feels like it shouldn't have happened. He got short-changed. It really does. But he's not the only one to loose his fight with cancer, or another illness. Many people also succumb in auto accidents, earthquakes and other tragedies. No matter how unfair it seems that my Dad is not here, I'm not the only son missing his father.

It seems like most people have one of two stances on their fathers - either the guy was a real jerk or he was a good man. I find myself strongly in the camp of the later. Mind you, I'm not the only one. He was intelligent, thoughtful and very detail-oriented. Calm, rational, and yes I can probably attribute some of my odd sense of humor to him. There is a lot I could say about him (and probably will as time goes on). The world is minus one very good person.

As for James, our son, if you've read much of this blog you probably know his story. If not, feel free to start at the beginning.

Tonight I find myself missing both of these men. I have leaned a tremendous amount from each. Not sure that I could be 1/10th of the man of either James or Dad. Thanks to both for the memories, the lessons, the stories and love.

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  1. J.D., deepest sympathy on losing your dad. The anniversary of James' death always breaks my heart for you and your family. You are 100% helluva good man, buddy. Keeping you and your family in my heart.