Wednesday, February 8, 2012

What do we do when we do what we do?

Several photos from a recent ride. Basically, I had the bike in the car with me and was travelling from Morgantown, WV to Parkersburg, WV. It was a rare time when I could take a bit of time to get to where I was going. So I took advantage of the semi-nice weather and pulled off of Route 50, got out of the car and rode some of the North Bend Rail Trail.

With all of the rain we've had in the months prior, the ground was still pretty soft. It was pretty much riding on wet sand. So I guess it was more of a workout than a pleasure ride but it was still cool to get outside. After all, you don't see these things from the highway.
One of many tunnels. This one is 377 ft. long. Bring a light. Pretty cool.

This you don't really see from the trail. You have to wander around a bit.

Different ride. Chestnut Ridge MTB trail. See you out there.

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