Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The summing up & things to come

Like a fair number of bloggers/people/slackers, I inevitably took the “holiday season” off from writing any meaningless drivel incredibly profound statements. I know, at the conclusion of my last post I had wondered if there was a point to my continuing to write. I think there is. There was no single reason for my hiatus, but a wonderful implosion as worlds collide leaving this weeks-long void. Probably about the same for most people at this time. Besides I just needed to lay low to recharge my batteries. So it goes.

However I think we need to start with where we last left off. I managed to recap the last race of the season. Not great shakes, but fair enough. Now, how about overall? When all is said and done, all the chips counted, insert cliché here, how did we finish the Cap City Cross season? Jovid, having raced only three races due to work conflicts, managed a 74th out of 107 men in the C or beginner category. All things considered, not bad! As for myself I pulled down a 6th overall placing in the same group. Whoa, and that was missing one race. Had I not fallen ill, I very well could have been in the top 5 for the season. Which just really blows my mind. Then in the Masters 35+ I carded 8th out of 47. Holy Wa! Not that it’s a heavily contested area but hey, that was with me only racing half of the B Masters 35+ races. I’ll take it. Look, it’s my delusion; don’t destroy it just yet, please?

The most important thing is how did we do overall with the fundraising for the Wounded Warrior Project? I did mention that in the last post “And we finish with a BANG! What Next?”. Basically, we managed to raise $1,650 for the Wounded Warrior Project. Wow. While I do really wish it were more I have to think that we started this fundraising effort with little knowledge of how these things are done and not much besides desire. Our original goal was $1,000 and the Jovid and I decided to bump it up to a goal of $5,000 just because. By no means can we look back on this as a disappointment for not meeting the $5,000 goal.

What I thought was an off-kilter idea (raising money by racing) turns out to not be so odd. World Bicycle Relief was the beneficiary of “Racing Cross for a Cause” during the National Championships in Bend, Oregon. And the PabLOVE Foundation even had a team hitting the cyclocross circuit in their region to raise awareness and funds. Heck, there’s even Team Type 1, which grew to not only be a cycling team competing in the Race Across America, but now had a Mens & Womens professional cycling teams, a Developmental squad, a Triathalon team AND a running team. (To the guy – “Big Johnson” - who got all hacked off about the article in the Columbus Dispatch about our meager effort – how about them apples?)

Through this ordeal/adventure I’ve managed to figure a few things out, like a strange notion called “advanced planning.” Novel idea, I know. As well I’ve managed to make a few connections. Some in part to the coverage we managed to receive, which in turn begat a bit more coverage. All of which I am hoping to parlay into an annual bicycle ride during the warmer months. Several people have expressed an interest in helping with this. My idea is that our Proud Supporter ride is more family friendly and encourages all kinds of people of all sorts of abilities to just ride our bikes and show our support for our Wounded Veterans. Who knows if it will come to fruition for sure but, as some “success manuals” point out, by stating things publicly we inevitably move ourselves closer to the stated goal. So we shall see, eh?

In the upcoming year I will be riding in the Cyclist Connection team kit, too. Wow. Never thought I was fast or good enough to be on a real team. I feel that by agreeing to join the Cyclist Connection crew I have to step up my game. To me, this means fitting in some sort of training where previously I would have found reasons not to or even just plain slacked off. It’s a vote of confidence and a means of motivation.

That said, I need to get on the treadmill in this hotel and get some fitness in before I conk out for the night. Need to sweat it out now. Get some fitness in the bank so I have some stores later in the year when it’s really needed.

As always, thanks for reading.


  1. Complete and total "WOW", J.D.! You made a goal, put your bike where your mouth was, got your kid, and really made some magic happen out there! v You raised money and awareness, you got back in shape and proved you are a fierce competitor, and you blazed a trail for this year with even greater opportunities. Bravo, Sir, bravo! Looking forward to more blogs and more information on this front. Keep on keepin' on, J.D.!

  2. Advanced planning? Wow. Novel idea, J.D.

    I love the idea of getting families involved in riding for WWP. THAT would be a helluva great fundraising idea. I can see the word spreading, little donations that add up, and a great stuff for WWP.